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Serrein comes from the word ‘Serene’  which connotes the surreal feeling of calm and tranquility. 
The brand originates from the consciousness of the relationship between our surroundings and our mood. The fact that well scented, well decorated spaces can instantly make one feel good inspired our founder to curate mindful home decor - Home Decor that makes you feel Serrein. We envision to promote self-love and inner well being through our products, one step at a time.
Serrein features luxury scented candles based in organic soy wax. The candles are enclosed in timeless glass jars that are intricately handcrafted by Indian artisans. 
Whilst our products are meaningful, we also strive to make conscious efforts towards sustainability and our environment. 
We, at Serrein are passionate about building a brand that serves a purpose and is developed around the needs of our customers.



Being an Interior Stylist with a knack for psychology, I have always envisioned myself styling spaces that promote Good Quality Living over Material Living. For me, there is no better feeling than coming home to a space that smells good, looks good and feels good. Serrein is my foremost step towards that.

- Urvi Khattar

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